1. Seashells Beach in Australia

Millions creamy scalloped beaches make Shark Bay in Australia created a white coast landscape and clear blue sea lanes impressive. Salinity waters than normal, good environment for reproduction quickly clam species hence the shell layer so crowded. Beach is located west of Australia where you can visit the Australian tour.
2. Glass Beach in Fort Bragg California
Fort Bragg beach covered with smooth glass pieces impressed. Initially, there is a big garbage dump, and for many years down the daily tide has washed away the debris and pieces of glass as smooth and shiny. Beach as a colorful blanket of shiny sparkling gems that you can walk.
3. Beach Jökulsárlón, Iceland
This is a beach with black sand and volcanic areas are still active in the past centuries. Seaside with icebergs floating near the shore creates strange ocean. In the fall and winter, there is a bright area in the North Sea, bring a special experience.
4. Hot Water Beach in New Zealand
Visually, the beach like other natural beaches, beaches located in New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula. So the groundwater is used for private spas along the beach. Guests can also use the shovel to dig a hole and then immersed in warm water is good for health and admire the beautiful coastline and the waves off the coast before tidal bucket 1h.
5. Star Sand Beach, Japan
Japanese tourists, to the Star Sand Island in Okinawa Iromote beautiful than what you see in the image. There are countless star-shaped sand which in Japanese is called hoshizuna. Science explains the star-shaped shell is the skeleton of the tiny creatures under the sea. The best time to admire the unique looks of this beach and the shore after storms inert kinds of star-shaped casing 5 wings.
6. Playa de Gulpiyuri Beach, Spain
Playa de Gulpiyuri is protruding areas of the grasslands in Spain. Situated near the charming coastal city of Llanes, in the northern coast of Spain, going into about 100 meters inland, sea Gulpiyuri associated with a series of underground caves. Here, you will find beautiful Gulpiyuri shimmering sea with stretches of golden sandy coastline and a rolling wave.
7. Giant Beach Causeway, Northern Ireland
With rocky beaches, Giant Causeway formed by volcanic lava eruptions of basalt rock more than 50 million years ago, has been recognized as World Heritage Sites. It is the favorite park of sea birds. Although this is not the ideal coast to sunbathe, but well worth a visit and experience.
8. Papakolea Green Sand Beach, Hawaii
Papakolea Beach (also known as the Green Sand or Mahana) with 49 thousand years old, is a green sand beach located near South Point, Hawaii (USA). Green sand beaches are created by semi-precious stones called olivine. This is one of the four single green sand beaches in the world, along with three other beaches are: Talofofo (Guam), Punta Cormorant (Galapagos) and Hornindalsvatnet (Norway).
9. Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas
Beach with pink-colored sand. According BudgetTravel, pale pink sand originating from thousands of pieces of coral and seashells on the beach.
10. Luminescent Beach in Maldives
The phenomenon of luminous waves blue colored light emission occurs because of some kind of plankton floating in the sea life. Plankton species cause on marine algae is said. This marine algae daytime emitted red light and also the cause of red tide phenomenon when they bloom heavily in large numbers.