The town of Annecy, France

Annecy is known as the Venice of the Alps. Thiou River winds from blowing into the alleys of the old city that feeling of peace and comfort. The city is surrounded by the walking bridge, with cobblestone streets and old castle image and Baroque churches.
Burnham Market Street, United Kingdom
This is a colorful market town in Norfolk, England, is like the epitome of glamor beautiful England. About 4 miles from the coast, the main street of the market town of red brick and stone. The house was converted into antiques stores, specialty food stores and local boutiques, bars from the last century.
City Folegandros, Greece
Located on the Greek Islands, the small Aegean island, Folegandros is not degraded as usual tourist activities. Towns with houses made of stone and separated, concentrated into a crowded area. On the bay are the fishing boats scattered and not much featured hotels or casinos here.
City Coimbra, Portugal
Like Cambridge of Portugal, Coimbra is a lively university city with the best major universities nationwide. In school, bars, local restaurants are crowded closely with students. During summer vacation, Coimbra very quiet and uncrowded.
City Hallstatt, Austria
Located outside of Salzburg, the city of Hallstatt is one of the places to be visited and most photographed Austria. With its ancient architecture, the high mountain village dating from 800 BC. It is said to be the oldest salt mine in the world.
Today, it is an idyllic town with houses painted along the lake.
City Atrani, Italy
Maybe you will forget this small town Atrani while playing in Italy's Amalfi coast. The ancient city has churches dating back centuries 11.12, imposing cliffs and press twongj create a romantic scene between Great River Mountain.
City Reine, Norway
City by the river no more fishing boats colors that only cerulean waters and cliffs to the river. The scenery here is wonderful and romantic.
The town of Ronda, Spain
Located just outside Malaga, Ronda small city located in a deep gorge over the river looked Guadalevin. Here there is a stone bridge dating back to the 18th century, between the two parts separated by the river. The southern section is the ancient city Serpentine Moor and the northern part is the old town's 18th-century Spain.